Is there Porn in Your Portfolio?

Is there Porn in Your Portfolio?

Into the Light Series

ON NOWEvery Friday I highlight a company that fail our moral screens. We use our “proud to own” processto screen out companies that don’t line up with our faith and values.

This week we look at Comcast Corporation (CMCSA). Comcast Corp., is among the world’s leading communication companies, providing basic cable, digital cable and high speed internet services. But are they providing healthy content?

Unfortunately not!

Though it may be decent from a financial perspective, it doesn’t make it through our moral screening process. We prefer stocks that make it through both the moral and financial screens.  There are just 6.5% of the publicly traded stocks that fail our moral screens and Comcast is one of them.

Is there Porn in Your Portfolio?

Is there Porn in Your Portfolio?Many investors invest in mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), and buy stocks in companies. You may own some of these investments in your 401k at work, or your IRA or Roth IRA, or maybe in a taxable account.  Have you ever stopped to think about what companies you own in your portfolio?

There may be companies that violate your faith and values.  Companies involved in pornography, explicit entertainment, and promoting unbiblical lifestyles.  Would you knowingly and willingly invest in companies like this?

Comcast Corporation is one of these companies that violates biblical values.


Here are three big reasons why Comcast fails our moral screens:

1. Explicit Entertainment Provider


Through cable, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand channels, it distributes anti-family programming. It offers Video on Demand (VOD) containing sexually explicit, profane, and violent programming through Comcast, premium services. It also produces motion pictures, miniseries, sitcoms, other types of programming, or commercials containing sexually graphic, violent or profane material. Source: Common Sense Media (

2. Pornographic Provider


It distributes pornographic films through cable, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand channels. Source: It offers channels containing adult-content through Comcast Premium. Channels include: Playboy.


It also advertises in pornographic media to potential customers about their products and/or services by placing advertisements in adult content magazines, cable networks and/or internet sites.

3. Homosexual Promotion


It produces theatrically-released movies, made-for-TV movies, miniseries, sitcoms, other types of programming, or commercials that promote the homosexual lifestyle as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. These feature gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender characters or issues and may have same-sex romance or relationships as an acceptable and important plot device. Source: Wikipedia (

Workplace Groups

It recognizes GLBT organizations or affinity groups in the workplace, including: Cg Network


It provides charitable aid or donations to non-profit organizations that include foundations actively pursuing and advancing the alternative lifestyle movement. Source: GLAAD (


It has formed a business relationship with GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, and/or questioning) organization(s) or events in an attempt to gain marketing and community relations opportunities. Money, products or services are exchanged for corporate recognition for their involvement. Source: NLGJA (

Television Programming

It distributes homosexual programming through cable, pay-per-view (PPV) or video-on-demand channels. Source: Bravo TV (

Bottom Line: As you can see, Comcast is not a company we can be “proud to own”. It is a company that violates our faith and values. You may be involved with companies like Comcast that don’t line up with your faith and values. You may own Comcast and others in your stock and mutual fund accounts. Get a FREE MORAL AUDIT of your portfolio to make sure your portfolio matches your faith and values.