Podcast: Blood Moons on Wall Street?

Podcast: Blood Moons on Wall Street?

This week we will look at:Untitled design-4

  • What are the blood moons and how they could impact your portfolio?
  • Is another financial collapse on the horizon for 2015?
  • Proud to Own Series – A company creating life saving medicines for hard to treat diseases.
  • Into the Light Series – Is there porn in your portfolio?
  • My trade idea of the week
  • My weekly run down on top sectors of the economy, my favorite currencies, commodities, and countries you should consider for your investment dollars.

This week’s question comes from Erick, a longtime VIP subscriber at wallstrenegade.com. He says,  “Jay I loved your last two books The Faith-Based Millionaire and The Faith-Based Investor, any new books coming out?”

It was perfect timing for his question because the past few months I have been working on a book. It is set to come out the end of next month. It is in the editing process now. The cover and everything is done. We are just fine tuning the details…  Blood Moons on Wall Street: How to Profit from the Upcoming Financial Crisis

Listen Below:

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