Market Indicator Spots Danger Ahead

Market Indicator Spots Danger Ahead


Our Short-Term Market Indicator has been downgraded from Yellow to Red.

market updateLong-Term Indicator: Bullish

Long-term Indicator: Green

We are still in the midst of a strong up trending bull market. This means investors should consider trading with a bullish bias. You can accomplish this through buying (going long) stocks, long ETF’s or by using call options. These are positions you plan to hold for at least 2-5 years.

Short-term Indicator: Bearish

Short-term Indicator: Red

Our market indicator has turned bearish…
Our short-term market indicator has gone from Yellow (Caution) to Red (Danger).  We are starting to see some warning signs for the markets and as a result, we are suggesting you reduce your equity exposure.

Because the long-term indicator is still green (bullish), we are closely monitoring positions within our model portfolios. 

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