Qiwi Plc (ticker QIWI)

Qiwi Plc (ticker QIWI)


Company: QIWI PLC
Ticker Symbol: QIWI
Action: Buy up to $60

I added a 10% to QIWI Plc (NASDAQ: QIWI) with a buy up to $60. I put a 20% stop in place.
Here are my notes on QIWI:
“As an investor, I search the globe high and low for opportunities. One country that recently caught my attention was Russia. It has a strong consumer market, relatively well educated labor force, and vast natural resources.

As I explored opportunities in this country I found that it has a technologically advanced economy that is poised for explosive growth opportunities.

Now after finding an area that catches my attention, my next step is to look for ways to invest in the opportunity. Sure you can buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that will give you broad exposure to a geographical location, but I would rather find a more explosive opportunity.

This led me to a company established in 2008 that is not only taking Russia by storm, but the rest of the world as well. This company has tapped into a huge growth funnel – online payment processing.

It has a family brand that consolidates several directions: kiosks, virtual wallets, bank and even terminals of goods delivery. It provides everyone with convenient and accessible instruments for making all kinds of regular and one-time payments. More than 54,000 providers, including state organizations, utility services, mobile network operators, banks and online-shops, now use its kiosks and virtual wallet services. Better yet, it is partnering with Visa, one of the largest credit companies in the world. With the help of Visa it became the first payment service to issue virtual cards that enable making purchases on the Internet.

The company I am referring to is QIWI Plc (NASDAQ: QIWI). QIWI plc operates as a provider of next generation payment services primarily in Russia and the CIS. The Company has an integrated network that enables payment services across physical, online and mobile channels. It enables merchants to accept cash and electronic payments from virtual wallets, and operates cash-collecting terminals and kiosks. QIWI plc is based in Moscow, the Russian Federation.
We started recommending this to our Global Income subscribers in October and it’s already up over 44%!

One of the reasons I love this opportunity is its global appeal. Its flagship product, Visa QIWI Wallet is an e-wallet, based on a Visa Prepaid Account, with over 11 million consumer accounts. Using QIWI Visa
Wallet, consumers can conveniently pay over 40,000 billers and merchants. Visa QIWI Wallet offer users access to Visa products with universal acceptance, security and reliability. In addition, the VQW account can be linked automatically to a virtual or physical Visa prepaid card that can be used to make purchases at retailers that accept Visa worldwide. Consumers can load their Visa QIWI Wallet prepaid account by different sources and methods.

Today, QIWI payment service is offered in 8 countries:
Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, United States, Brazil, and Jordan.

Here is my 5-point stock inspection for QIWI
Financial Strength: Positive
Valuation: Positive – Buy up to $55
Momentum: Positive
Risk: Neutral
Earnings Trend: Positive
12-18 month price target: $75
So it scores 4 of out 5. It also pays a 3% dividend, which is quite attractive.”Bottom Line: Qiwi PLC (NASDAQ: QIWI) is a great buy up to $57.50/share with my 12-18 month price target set at $75-$80/share. It still has a lot of room to grow![/private]

Bitauto Holdings (ticker bita)

Bitauto Holdings (ticker bita)


Company: Bitauto Holdings
Ticker Symbol: BITA
Action: Buy up to $30

Bitauto Holdings Limited is engaged in providing internet content and marketing services for automotive industry in China. Its bitauto.com and ucar.cn websites provide consumers new and used automobile pricing information, specifications, reviews and consumer feedback. The Company operates in three segments- bitauto.com business, ucar.cn business and digital marketing solutions business. Bitauto.com business provides subscription services to new automobile dealers and advertising services to dealers and automakers on bitauto.com website. Bitauto’s ucar.cn business provides listing and advertising services to used automobile dealers on ucar.cn website. The Company’s digital marketing solutions business provides automakers with digital marketing solutions, including website creation and maintenance, online public relations, online marketing campaigns and advertising agent services. Bitauto Holdings Limited is headquartered in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China. This will have a 20% stop loss.

5-Point Stock Inspection on BITA:
Financial Strength: Positive
Valuation: Positive – Buy up to $30
Momentum: Positive
Risk: Moderate risk trade
Earnings Trend: Positive
Profit Target: 20-25%


Now is the Time for the Precious Yellow Metal

Is now the time to buy physical gold?

goldAs of August 2013, the European market broke out. According to CNBC, the recession in Europe that has started years ago is over and its economy is surging higher.

The European market may have made a bear market last year. However, those who have invested in the European stocks during recession are now making profit and those who listened to the naysayer analysts have missed out on a great opportunity.

According to Eurostat, The European Union’s statistics office, 17 of the European countries that use the Euro currency saw a collective increase by 0.3 percent from April to June from the last quarter.

“The improvement made up for the previous quarter’s equivalent decline and was moderately better than the 0.2 percent anticipated in the markets,” a spokesperson from the Associated Press said. “Growth, however anemic, had been predicted by many economists following an easing in market concerns over Europe’s debt crisis over the past year and record low interest rates from the European Central Bank.”

In times of recession, people ask “Why invest in gold? Who will buy it at times when money is scarce and the inflation is high?” While this may be the common reaction of many, little do they know that buying stocks when the market is down is good primarily because they’re cheap. Now, since Europe is in a vital transition phase from its long-time recession, the yellow metal will soon start soaring in value.

Today, it isn’t hard to invest in gold may it be in the form of ETF or directly owning a physical unit of the commodity. Thanks to peer-to-peer gold exchange services that boomed in the UK since 2005, people are now able to invest in gold at BullionVault and store them for a small fee compared to actually spending in traditional gold storage means.

Apart from the commodities’ low price during recession, another reason for investing in them is because markets don’t really stay bearish for a long time. According to precious commodities expert Dave Skarica, markets don’t go down for more than 2–3 years. In fact, gold has only been down for 2 years. With Europe’s booming economy, those who have committed to the yellow metal during the time of recession will start reaping from their decision in investing on it.

This Fiber Optic Stock Could Double Over the 12 Months

Stocks off the beaten path

I love small, lesser-followed companies – those that have outstanding upside potential that few investors know about.  Our Tomorrow’s Treasure Portfolio is all about finding tomorrow’s leading companies today!

clfd 1One area I am all over is fiber optics.  Fiber optics is a go-to material for wiring, especially when it comes to network cabling.  This material offers three key ingredients – flexibility, strength and durability. The way fiber optics works is you have the center of a fiber optic cable, which provides the network cabling to provide a connection.  You next have a strong layer of PVC that encases the cable, followed by a strain relief material (aramid fibers) that covers the PVC component. Lastly you have an outer shell, which is typically made by PVC.  This provides another layer of protection and flexibility for the cable.

This is a rapid growing sector and should continue to provide amazing growth over the years ahead.  Fiber optic cables are a key resource for infrastructure as cities and towns look to upgrade their systems and automate key processes, ranging from meter reading to turning on the streetlights. As more cities and towns consider the viability of smart grids and fiber optics deployment in general, the fiber optics sector should continue to see tremendous growth.

One way I am playing this trend is with a small company few investors know about.  The company I am referring to is CLEARFIELD clfd logoINC. (NASDAQ: CLFD). It designs and manufactures the FieldSmart fiber management platform, which includes its latest generation Fiber Distribution System and Fiber Scalability Center. Its product-lines support a wide range of panel configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options and are offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components. Clearfield also provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for controlled and outside plant environments. My price target on this one is $35 – a 100% gain from current levels.

Here is my five-point inspection on the stock:

5-Point Stock Inspection:  CLFD

Financial Strength: Positive

Valuation:  Positive – Buy up to $20

Momentum: Positive

Risk:  Positive

Earnings Trend: Positive

12-18 month price target:  $35

Take a look at how the stock has taken off this year:

clfd 2

My price target is $35 over the next 12 months as this company gains more exposure!

Bottom line: This is a thinner traded stock, small cap stock so be aware that it can be volatile. However for a portion of your portfolio, this may be a good risk/reward play that could double your money over the next 12-18 months.  It is a good buy up to $20/share and could hit as high as $35 over the next year.

E House China (ticker EJ)

E House China (ticker EJ)


z (16)

Company: E-House China
Ticker Symbol: EJ
Action: Buy up to $12.50

12/8/13 Update…
I am adding a 10% position to E-House China (EJ) with a buy up to $12.50. I will add a 20% stop after buying the stock. This is similar to our other play on Chinese housing (SFUN which gained 52% in a month). E HOUSE CHINA are a leading Chinese real estate services company offering a comprehensive suite of integrated services, strong brand recognition and broad geographical presence.They provide primary real estate agency services, secondary real estate brokerage services and real estate consulting and information services. Their clients include leading domestic and international real estate developers and they have received numerous awards and accolades for our innovative and high quality services, including from the National Association of Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal Companies in 2006. Here is my five point stock inspection on EJ:

5-Point Stock Inspection: EJ
Financial Strength: Positive
Valuation: Positive – Buy up to $12.50
Momentum: Positive
Risk: Negative – high risk (beta 2.24 which is more than 2x market risk)
Earnings Trend: Positive
Profit price target: $14 (20-25% potential gain)