Crushing the Market!

Here are the actual results from our Folio Trading account (as of 8-31-12):

Rolling 12 Month Results (9-1-11 to 8-31-12):

Wall St Renegade +48.32% vs S&P500 +16.78%

Beating market by over 31%


Looking at the Year to Date Results (12-31-11 thru 8-31-12), you will see a similar story!

Wall St Renegade +36.79% vs. S&P 500 +11.85%

Beating the market by almost 25%!


Disclaimer:  Folio performance is updated daily and assumes cash distribution reinvestment. Performance is no guarantee of future results. Performance does not represent actual performance experienced by customers. No fees or trading costs are included in the reported performance because the Folios are model based. See how returns are calculated and why customer returns may differ.

2 Big Winners!

2 Closing Trades with 10%+ Gains!

We are sitting on some big gains in a short period of time. Let’s lock in

these gains and take some profits.

1. Sarepta Therapeutics is up 15% today, making our total gain 22% in
about a week so let’s close out this trade!

Action: Sell 100% SRPT

2. Theshold Pharmaceuticals (THLD) is up over 10% since we bought it a
week ago. Let’s lock in this gain.

Action: Sell 100% THLD

Whenever we can make 10% + in less than a month, it’s usually not a good
idea to get too greedy. Let’s lock in the gains and wait for our system
to identify new ideas.

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